Sitel Interview with PEZA Director-General Charito Plaza

Craig Reines, COO Philippines – Sitel sits down for an interview with Charito Plaza, Director-General, Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).  Topics covered in the interview include:

  • Will government support continue for the IT/BPM sector?
  • What is the government’s plan to develop HR outside of the National Capital Region?
  • Ways to bring growth to the provinces
  • Insights on President Duterte
  • And more…

Craig Reines is an accomplished senior customer experience executive who has lived and worked in 35 countries on six continents. He is recognized internationally as an innovator and an “out-of-the-box” thinker in the Customer Management industry, building customer-centricCraig Reines cultures and crafting business process systems that reduce cost, expand revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Craig returned to the Philippines in May 2015 as Chief Operating Officer to help lead Sitel’s rapid expansion in the Asia Pacific region.

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