CSG International
CSG Interactive enables you to communicate with  customers when, where and how they want. Our integrated, omnichannel solutions give you the flexibility and agility to not only communicate with your customers on their terms, but to do so through cloud technology and op-ex costs. Create seamless customer experiences and make your business more efficient with CSG Interactive’s hosted suite. Learn more at www.csgi.com.

Strategic Products and Services (SPS) is a multi-vendor systems integrator and managed services provider for communications, networking and collaboration. We design, implement, manage and support interconnected communication systems that enable our clients to become more effective and competitive in their markets. Learn more at spscom.com.

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. More than 94,000 paid customer accounts in over 150 countries and territories use Zendesk products. Based in San Francisco, Zendesk has operations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Learn more at www.zendesk.com.

Learning Tribes
Learning Tribes is an international learning and development organization, dedicated to the creation of customized and innovative learning solutions. We present our clients with personalized training experiences for greater engagement and development. Learn more at learning-tribes.com

The Social Client
We are an agile and innovative agency that accompanies you from end to end on your projects of digital customer relation, community of brand, social insights, social media management, UX Design & Development Cross Devices. Learn more at thesocialclient.com

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