TJ Singh

TJ Singh is a Vice President with Gartner Research. He is the lead analyst responsible for customer management (CM) BPO research, worldwide. Mr. Singh also manages the business process services (BPS) research community – a community made up of more than 15 prominent Gartner analysts across consulting services, HR, finance and accounting (F&A), customer management, and SCM BPO research. Besides having these global responsibilities, he continues to provide direction for Gartner’s BPS research, which resides within the IT Services Key Initiative. He also continues to maintain regional responsibilities for Asia/Pacific-based BPO research and IT services research for Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Asia/Pacific-based BPO research covers a broad area that includes HR, F&A, vertical services, supply management and CM BPO services from a domestic demand and service provider perspective. Mr. Singh is a key analyst that both service providers and clients refer to for information and insight regarding the business process service market, and he is regularly quoted by national and regional press.